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9 Everyday Health Tips for the Office

By Marjorie Gelso So many of us have become apart of the group coined “nine to fivers”. Well, my fiance and I have become apart of our own special group, AKA the “seven to fivers”. You see, we only work ten minutes apart. For weeks, we drove literally one car behind the other to go to work. Talk about a waste! The only problem is, he works 7-3:30, and I work 8-5. So we started carpooling. We leave our house at 6:20, and don’t get back until about 5:45. It’s a good thing we don’t have kids instead of cats! So what do you do when you’re stuck in an office all day? Working out when you get home seems like a total nightmare, albeit not QUITE as bad as… *gasp* Getting up earlier. 1. If your office has water...

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Top 5 Benefits of Living in a HOA Community

By Desare A Kohn-Laski Every home buying process is unique. No circumstances or instances will be very similar. Sometimes, your preferred house may be subject to the rules and regulations of a HOA or Homeowner’s Association. In this entry, you’ll be presented with the top 4 benefits of living in a HOA Community. Reduced maintenance responsibilities A homeowner’s association collect due fees to its members. This is in exchange of lesser maintenance responsibilities within the community. Every member will be stripped off of time-consuming and hard work relevant to lawn care, maintenance of playgrounds and trails, and even the painting of community walls. In return, the community can showcase its glorious beauty and appeal to any visitor who...

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What Really Makes Your House Sell Now or in the Spring?

By Fred Scott Weiner Although we are in the midst of winter, the time to start preparing your home for sale in the spring is now. This is because properly preparing and staging your home so that it will sell at its highest value possible takes time. With spring only a few months away, you cannot afford to waste any time getting your home ready so that it has a jump on the marketplace. Another reason you want to start plans on selling now is that the inventory of homes real estate agents have in winter is generally quite low. Smart sellers can take advantage of this time period so that real estate agencies can focus more attention of their property before the rush of homes for sale begins in the spring. What follows is a few simple, but very important steps to...

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